Fundraising appeal for Palestinian journalist & family in Al Maghazi

Please donate if you can, to this appeal set up for Palestinian journalist Ghazi ( & his family of nine, currently in Al Maghazi, living in a house partially destroyed by Israeli bombings:

Art’s Birthday 2024

17th January 1963: artist Robert Filliou stood up in a Parisian bar and playfully announced that Art itself was now one million years old (conveniently, the same day as his own birthday). He suggested that the first artistic act was when someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water. The idea of Art itself having a birthday we could celebrate has slowly caught on over the last few decades, particularly among communities of Mail Artists and Sound Artists who have outdone themselves with more and more creative offerings. Each year, there are live events and radio broadcasts celebrating Art’s Birthday all around the world. We have a whole evening of special programming, including readings about art, premieres from the Eugene Difficult Music Society and the Museum of Viral Memory, and an improvised set from members of Vile Brain Samples. Check out this year’s full listings:

New shows for 2023

We’re freshening up our schedule for 2023. Series such as Transworld Airwaves – a fortnightly cross-cultural musical journey – and The Taxcast – a monthly round-up from the Tax Justice Network – are joining our wide repertoire. Songs For Lucy brings us music for queer mamas, poets and dreamers. Thanks to our membership of PRS and PPL (ruddy extortionate), we can now bring you pretty much any type of sounds.

So, please, share widely and share well. A large part of our target audience is people who have given up on the inanity and manipulation of social media. We want to reach people who are not on Twitter, Facebook etc. If you know someone who would be a good fit for the station, either as a listener or a contributor, pass it on.

A Pacifica Welcome

Our friends at the Pacifica Network wrote a nice article welcoming our station into the fold. Happy to be a little UK outpost alongside many great non-profit stations. We hope that being part of Pacifica will provide many opportunities for sharing ideas and expertise – we’re already benefiting from their extensive catalogue, with thoughtful shows like Nonviolence Radio and Arab Voices.

Meanwhile, we have some quite absurd ideas bubbling under for the coming season. Sign up to our new mailing list here for occasional updates.

New shows

Amongst the latest series coming to Beware! in early 2022 are: Tape Letters, Still Alive, and Get The Trolls Out! We’re glad to be able to share these thoughtful, unique programmes with you.

Meanwhile, our new music strand “In Session” brings freshly-recorded sets from excellent artists around the world, beginning with West Coast songwriter Julia Fernández (Pleasure Holiday/The Fall Colors).

BTR at the Community Radio Conference

On Sat 23 Oct, three of us decamped to the Community Radio Conference which was held in Coventry, the 2021 UK City of Culture. A really useful day for sparking ideas and meeting creative people from around the country. Follow the organisers for more community radio news:

LEJOG single by Keshco

Following the epic cycle challenge completed by Beware! contributor Drew Walton in 10 days, the band Keshco has released a track in honour of him, and for all cyclists foolhardy enough to attempt LEJOG. Find out more:

Cycle Land’s End to John O’ Groats 19-27 June

Our good friend, “Current Bun” contributor Drew Walton, is undertaking an epic challenge, cycling the length of the country, from Land’s End in Cornwall up to John O’ Groats at the northern tip of Scotland. He’s attempting LEJOG in a tough eight days.

Any support would be wonderful. All donations gratefully received – proceeds are being split between two great organisations – the RNLI and NHS Glasgow. Please consider donating to Drew’s LEJOG challenge here:

JustGiving page for RNLI

Just Giving page for NHS Glasgow

Guest mixes

We’re looking for Creative Commons/free music netlabels who would like to create a guest mix for our new station featuring your label’s artists – get in touch if this would interest you. We’d love to share your sounds with our listeners.

We’re Live!

Welcome to a new radio station – we hope to be around for some time. Thanks to those who have already tuned in and fed back on our opening shows. Plenty more to come.

Freeform, non-profit, non-commercial radio, Beware! is intended to be the kind of station that we – and our friends – would want to listen to. You’ll find independent music from wax cylinders to chiptunes, samples to sonatas; and wide-ranging spoken word, including interviews, poetry, politics, comedy and essays.

We aim to help bring people together through shared passions, syndicating and amplifying voices.


We’re looking to introduce new voices to our listeners. Are you sitting on a documentary? Anthropological musings? Got a 20-part series about the weather? A history of terrace chants? A dissection of Liberian Hipco music? Interviews with your mum? Send them to us! We can help with editing recordings and getting episodes into the streaming services.

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The shows you'll hear at Beware! The Radio have been put together in an open-hearted spirit of creativity. We hope you find much to connect with.

Arab Voices is an award-winning independent radio talk show that has been broadcasting since April 2002; it is a syndicated program on various stations across the USA, and also Beware! The Radio. If you want to catch the show live, check out or

Every week, the show brings you special programs and distinguished guests, covering a wide range of issues such as the Arab world, its history, culture and civilization, Arab-Americans, civil rights and liberties, immigration issues, media coverage of events about the Arab world, the U.S. Foreign Policy towards the Middle East, and much more.

Arab Voices aims at bringing the truth, facts and realities to the wide and diverse range of listeners.  It debunks many of the stereotypes, myths and false information disseminated by certain media outlets, some politicians and others.

Maria talks about music, about drama, about gender, about power, about surrender, about psychology and art, about things that are fun and can be related to each other. Maria has conversations with herself and others, about meaning and purpose or about eccentricity in the world; but Maria will listen to you if you contact her at

Maria is a musician, choir director and teacher of communication and verbal self-defense tools, with a capacity to reinvent herself many times.

Maria finds it a bit odd to talk about herself in the third person.

So… beware, you have been warned.

Maria's website

Step back into a well-worn world of scratchy 78 rpm records from the golden age of the recording industry. There's plenty to share, and nowadays it's all public domain! Hosted by Andy Brain.

An irregular selection of comedy sketches for all sizes and tastes (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, peanut butter). Gentle to extreme ribbing. Slimline pack fits comfortably in your back pocket without chafing. Guaranteed not to split. May require lubricant.

All sorts of people have interesting stories to tell. In this regular series of conversations, we'll be getting to know people who have something to share, including artists, musicians, historians, activists, sportspeople, gamblers, gardeners... Presented by different members of the team.

A monthly strand focusing on musical and cultural diversions around Brighton, England; hosted by Tristian O'Brien, from psychedelic synth band Moondrive 71.

It's possible we're overdoing this tag-line... This regular strand will encompass runs of shows hosted by different poets, bringing new voices and new verse to the table each time. Also see Poetry Pushers.

Helmed by Andrew Walton, this left-leaning show is a space for progressive political and activist thought, illustrated by occasional outbreaks of poetry and song.

A daily, global, independent news hour anchored by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now! presents daily headlines followed by in-depth discussions from a rich diversity of people and perspectives rarely heard from in mainstream media. Guests include international journalists, scholars, respected scientists, authors, analysts, artists, filmmakers and ordinary people who are most affected by the news events.

More info at:

Curated by Keith Helt of Chicago's Pan y Rosas Discos netlabel, here's a bi-weekly trip through noise rock, sound art and other wonderful experimental music.

A regular series of articles discussing aspects of life in the South Asian country, written by Dr Balmukunda Regmi, Professor of Pharmacy at Tribhuvan University. Tune in to learn more about Nepal. Share with friends.

These articles have often first been published in places like The Annapurna Express, and The Rising Nepal. Read by Andy Brain - apologies for any shaky pronunciation.

Improvisational livewire Bob Follen, the artist/musician/rock historian behind Bob Art Models, lets us spend some time with an ever-expanding range of characters. Formal experimentation meets theatrical expression and an uncanny knack for vivid detail. Different every time.

This irregular strand features great independent artists performing specially-recorded sessions for our station. Would your band like to take part? Get in touch!

Keep Swimming is all about keeping that vibrant movie loving community afloat through a mixture of movie trivia, in depth discussions and silly games. Follow the show as a podcast, via the dreaded Spotify, right here.

Hosted by the Metta Center's Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler, Nonviolence Radio is broadcast fortnightly live from community radio station KWMR, at 90.5 Point Reyes. Listeners tune in from around the world - including via Beware! The Radio, thanks to the Pacifica Affiliate Network. Additionally, there's an archive of the show via their partners at Waging Nonviolence.

Nonviolence Radio is a 60-minute program featuring news about nonviolence culture and movements around the world. The show typically includes inspiring discussions with nonviolence practitioners and movement-builders and The Nonviolence Report with Michael Nagler, an analysis of nonviolence in the news from the week.

More info:

Relaxed readings from classic books to lull you into an easy sleep.

Bitesize readings and musings on individual poems; occasional longer-form interviews and guest readings. Curated by Fióna Bolger.

This weekly show will bring you entertaining discussions on cinematic subjects, in the capable hands of Luke and assorted Samples. Notebooks out, Hollywood!

An electro-acoustic and experimental online radio show, curated and hosted by Chris Samson, the treasurer of B.E.A.M.S.  For your listening pleasure you will find pieces by B.E.A.M.S. community members from Edmonton, Canada, and around the world, along with short interview segments.

Chris Samson, also known as M.O.A.I.N., has quickly established himself as an Edmonton-based composer, musician, producer, visual artist and live sound technician despite having a hearing impairment.

The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society (BEAMS) is a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion and production of sound art, experimental music and new media. Its membership consists of professional musicians, composers and performance artists from diverse backgrounds driven to create a voice for sound orientated art in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and around the world.

Contact: /

An irregular strand for real or imagined soundscapes, free of narrative. Landscapes for your mind to play freely. We take a tour around a German power plant, encounter an unusually-crowded African savannah, trudge between stages at Glastonbury 2000, and many more sonic adventures.

Our regular news and current affairs show presents articles from the best Creative Commons-licenced publishers, a mixture of science, nature and psychology.

This is Hell is a weekly longform political interview program broadcast across Chicago on WNUR since 1996. Chuck Mertz talks to the journalists, authors and activists working to make this world a slightly less hellish place. Expect in-depth conversations about the forces that drive politics, and gallows humor about a world with more questions than answers.
More info at:

A regular two-hour grab-bag of the Creative Commons and free music scene, curated by Andy Brain of the Keshcology netlabel.

WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service has covered the global women's movement for community radio since 1986. It's well worth checking out the extensive archives of this weekly show. Contact: New website:

It’s definitely not cheap to run a radio station – and if we want to increase our audience, the costs rack up. Any donations you can offer would be hugely appreciated. It’s possible to donate on a one-off or regular basis to our Patreon, BuyMeACoffee, or direct via Paypal. This kind of support makes you one of our heroes.

An alternative way to support us – and gain nice stuff in the process – involves checking out the station swag available on our Redbubble page. Fancy some stickers, laptop skins, duvet covers, mugs, miniskirts…?

What do you want to know?

  • What’s the story behind this channel? We’re hoping it will provide a space for creativity and expression, for amplifying people’s voices, and will bring together independent artists and all sorts of niche groups. Traditional alternative media, however well-intentioned, often feels quite clique-y and off-putting to outsiders. We’d like to avoid the “closed shop” attitude and maintain a genuine open-mindedness.
  • Is it legal? Yes, absolutely. Originally we limited ourselves to playing music that is freely licensed via Creative Commons, or in the public domain worldwide, or with the artists’ permission. From 2023, we are paid up with the UK royalty-collecting societies PRS and PPL, so anything goes.
  • Can I play it in my workplace? A lovely idea! This would presumably require your workplace signing up with PRS.
  • How can I listen to it? Currently, online via this website, which is powered by the web streaming technology of Airtime Pro. You can also tune in via Deezer, the rather exciting Radio Garden, and some other directories.
  • How can I support it? We have some neat station swag available on our Redbubble page. You can also donate on a one-off or regular basis to our Patreon, BuyMeACoffee, or direct via Paypal. Other than that, please spread the word! We have no promotions budget to speak of, so we are reliant on like-minded people getting friends and lovers to tune in.
  • Why do you play one sort of music and then a completely different sort of music? We’re quite open-minded musically. You never know what you might come across!
  • Would you play my music? We’ll happily have a listen – send us links!
  • Are you also a zine? You may be familiar with Beware! The Zine, which began in paper form in 1996. It moved to blog form around 2015.
  • Can I advertise on your station? We’re not taking commercials, but we’re happy to consider shout-outs for charities and other socially responsible ventures.
  • Can my station link up with your station? We’d love to content-share, in order to help amplify some of the great shows that other stations around the world are producing. This is part of the reason we joined the Pacifica Affiliate network.
  • How can I submit an idea? Get in touch via our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email (bewaretheradio AT or maybe we’ll stick a contact form down here.
  • Can I sign up to your mailing list? Yes, we finally have one! You can sign up here.

Want to catch up with a previous broadcast? You can enjoy some of our shows in podcast form via Mixcloud, or your service of choice.